Camp was absolutely fantastic, I had the time of my life and cannot wait until next year to do it all over again. It has honestly been a completely life changing experience for me! The staff at Camping Dionissotis were fantastic, I had lots of questions about pre-camp travel, and visas, and they were super helpful and ensured I was comfortable. Lots of fun at prep day too!

Miss Marion Paterman, Manager

If anyone is having doubts or thinking "should I, should I not" do this, I couldn't recommend this enough. It's literally changed my life and this time last year I was debating whether it was worth it. I didn't miss home because camp becomes home, I made friends that'll last a lifetime and made memories that'll never fade AND I'm going back next year and want to keep going back again and again.

Tim Barkley, Consultant

First I wasn´t totally sure about going to camp for the summer. When I found Camping Dionissotis, everything was so easy, so I decided to do it just to see what was it. Now I´m back and I´m TOTALLY sure that it was the best summer ever! The children were great, the staff was great, all the new friends I have are great... everything was great! And I´m actually going back next year. So, if you are not totally sure (as I was before), just do it, you won´t regret!!

Mr. Ricardo Moschen, Manager